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WWI Hospital HQ Church Lane

Location 4

Lady Hardinge Hospital for Indians 1914 to November 1915

Extract from a 1915 Report

Beside every bed there was a locker. Muslim patients were given a ‘lotah’ (drinking vessel) made out of aluminium and Hindus a ‘lotah’ in brass.

Muslim patients were served their meals on white china with a dark blue surround and Hindu patients had white china with a blue border. There were two kitchens one catering for Sikhs and Muslims, the other for Hindus. Their complex dietary requirements meant that a system of coloured discs were hung over each bed to help the servers at mealtimes. The numbered system operated as follows:

  1. All milk

  2. Dahl soup

  3. Chicken soup/mutton soup and milk

  4. Non-meat, sugar instead of meat

  5. Rice diet and meat

  6. Chapatis, unleavened cakes, made of unadulterated wheat flour, with meat.

Developed at a later date Brockenhurst, No1 New Zealand Hospital 1916 to 1919 was one of three general hospitals run and staffed by New Zealand Officers, nurses and other ranks many of whom came to England from Cairo.

The hutted accommodation constructed from timber and galvanised iron sheet was known as ‘Tin Town’, the phase used by locals to describe their structures. Patients were also nursed in private houses and buildings in the village such as the Balmer Lawn Hotel and the Forest Park Hotel. The village residents, in many ways, were greatly involved supporting the New Zealanders so far from home. As many as 1,600 were there at one time.

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